• Kit fulfillment for national promotions, new product sales and retail marketing
  • Line assembly & automated technology for cost savings
  • Overage management
  • Customized pick, pack and ship
  • Tiered shipping
  • Online inventory monitoring, reporting and re-order alerts
  • Multiple quality assurance checks from start to finish
  • On-demand carton making with Packsize

Shipping & Logistic Distribution

  • Bar-coded inventory management and expandable racking
  • Online inventory monitoring, reporting and re-order alerts
  • Systematic distribution and logistics with staggered product shipments to meet critical in-store dates nationwide
  • Delivery hub with 2-3 day ground shipping to most of U.S.
  • Real-time ship/delivery verification
Shipping & Logistic Distribution

Packsize Sustainable
Custom Packaging

  • Lower corrugated costs by up to 20%
  • Decreased shipping costs and dimensional
    charges by using smallest possible carton
  • Reduced need for void filler
  • Eliminates the need for large carton
    inventory management


Packsize Sustainable <br>Custom Packaging